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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Satay by Ah' Basri at D'Piazza Mall!

Attila and I are searching somewhere to have our lunch and finally we've decided to try the Ah' Basri Asian Satay at D'Piazza Mall. I'm somehow surprise as the price for each sticks of Satay is charged at minimum RM1.50 and reaching up to maximum RM2.50, quite expensive!

The Satay ranges from meat till seafood that comes in various flavours. Attila and I have chosen chicken, deer, beef, squid and prawn in original flavour while I've also asked for the Tandoori Chicken Satay. The meat and seafood here are very fresh and the grilling time is just accurate to keep the flesh tender and juicy. Additionally, I've ordered the Rice Cube that is locally known as Nasi Himpit. In other words, it means the rice that has been compacted. Come with the Rice Cube and Satay is the Grounded Peanut sauce and Sweet Chili sauce respectively. I like the roughly grounded peanut in the sauce but I'll prefer if it's spicier. I don't really like Sweet Chili sauce but it goes quite well with the Satay.

Well, looking at the size of the Satay, I guess the price is worthwhile after all!

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