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Monday, 16 May 2011

A Mediterranean Journey into Agua

Tapas, Bar and also Restaurante... We're exploring a Mediterranean journey into Agua that is located at Straits Quay. We're just searching and we've decided to stop by Agua for our tea break. From its concept and decoration, I'm wondering if this is a suitable place for a tea break?!!

The restaurant is very tidy, clean and elegant; just a perfect environment for a fine dining. I guess that is partly the reason that we don't see any customers there during our tea break. I'm just walking around to capture some pictures while waiting for my food and apparently this is a nice place for a gathering with families or friends. I myself really enjoy the quiet and cozy ambient.

Attila has ordered the Agua Platter that is served with Hummus, Chopped Tomatoes with Onions and Pickled Olives. According to Attila, Hummus is a type of dipping sauce and I think the taste is a little bit alike mixture of nuts? Agua Platter is actually a meat platter with the combination of Salami, Ham and Cheese. The thinly sliced meat together with the dipping sauces, simple yet marvellous. The side order is the Turkish bread that has been spread with a layer of tomato seeds and olive oil. The bread is very soft and this is the 1st time that I'm impressed that tomato seeds can be such useful!
(Source from Wikipedia: Hummus (a transliteration of the Arabic: حمّص; also spelled hamos, hommos, hommus, homos, houmous, hummos, hummous, or humus) is a Levantine Arab dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is a popular food throughout the Middle East and elsewhere.)

I've ordered the Fried Squid Rings, nothing much that I can comment about but I really like the Tartar sauce that has made a good dipping sauce. The taste is just nice with sufficient saltiness to accomplish the crispy squid rings.

Lastly, I've decided to try the Lemon Meringue Pie as my dessert. The center layer of the lemon inside the pie is a little bit sweet while the whitish top is tasteless. I'm guessing that the whitish top is made from the egg white? The taste of the pie is somehow not meeting my expectation.

In overall, we're quite satisfied with our 'tea break' here. The environment and the food are just nice for us to enjoy a relaxing time here.

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