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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Enjoy the Strawberry Moment... De Garden at Ipoh

Finally, I've managed to compile my pictures to write about the Strawberry Moment that is located at De Garden in Ipoh. In fact, this is the branch whereby the main dessert cafe is at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. I like the simply red and white outlook of this cafe and with the wooden chairs laying outside, hinting for the time to relax.

I like the cozy ambient inside the cafe; the tidy arrangement of the souvenirs and chocolates on the shelf, the comfortable sofa and the mouth-watering Strawberry Strudel's painting on the wall. 'Please help me to decide', I just can't make my mind among the various selection of desserts.

Then... We've decided to go for the Strawberry Strudel草莓千层酥. The fresh strawberries and whipped cream are stacked in between of each pastry layers. This strudel is not too sweet and the fresh strawberries are really refreshing. As the pastry skin is somehow tasteless, it'll be incomplete if without the strawberry and cream. We've tried as well the Concentrated Strawberry and if not mistaken Cranberry Juices. The juices are very thick on its natural sweetness without preservatives. A very tasty juice except that... it's not cold without any ice under the hot sunny day :(

I'm a dessert lover. I do quite like the concept of fresh strawberry in a dessert cafe.

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