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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Charlie Brown Café; Where the Snoopy Is?

I've been begging Attila to bring me to Charlie Brown Café just purely to satisfy my curiosity. A new conceptual restaurant in Penang with Charlie Brown as the theme, I really wish to witness and feel how special that this place can be?!!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are welcoming you in front of the restaurant. The whole restaurant is painted with the Charlie Brown and friends' pictures, decorated with Snoopy's collection and there's also a small souvenir corner that ranges from photo frames, comics, bags till plush toys. It's time back to the childhood memories.

We place our orders at the counter for a Fried Tortilla Chicken Cutlet and a Creamy Seafood Pasta. The fried chicken cutlet is simply a thick chicken meat that is served with the Mayonnaise sauce. I don't find any special taste, herbs or aroma inside the chicken meat except the flour and the meat is too dry. Talking about the Creamy Seafood Pasta, the Macaroni is cooked with prawn and shell in the white milky sauce. The seafood is not fresh while the white cream sauce is too thin and tasteless.

Additionally, we've ordered earlier a Snoopy Chocolate Tiramisu and a Noisette Chocolate Cake as they seem to be so appetizing. In fact, I don't like both of these desserts that are too moisture and I can feel the 'rough' flour in my mouth.

Charlie Brown Café is kind of a surprise for kids and for adults to enjoy the childhood memories but it'll definitely not my choice for food. It's not a place that I can ask for a taste that I can enjoy of...

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