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Friday, 20 May 2011

忠記兵如港口大樹頭炸料粉... Ipoh!

Such a long name, but for me to remember is 忠記炸料粉 or I try to translate it as Fried Mixed Ingredients with Noodles. I'm definitely not familiar with Ipoh and Thanks to Jackson that has become our 1-Day guide. I'm so surprised with the crowd in front of this small stall whereby everyone is squeezing for a space, a narrow space that is sufficient to let them choosing and picking up the various fried ingredients that they want. People come here because what they're serving is so cheap, minimum price starts at 50¢! Where else that we can get such a price for a piece of fried fish meat?!! One funny fact about the stall is... They do have a branch just beside this stall, just neighboring at same place within walking distance but no customers want to visit the new place. Old stall, old memory?

The chef is basically to stand in front of the wok only, to serve the ingredients from the hot frying oil. Oh ya, the fried ingredients that are served here range from ladyfinger, bitter gourd, chili, egg, dumpling, Tofu till fish meat. Alternatively, you can choose to go together with noodle in Laksa or Curry soup. We've ordered purely the fried ingredients and this big bowl costs us only about RM7.

The meal is quite nice just because the ingredients are fried freshly from the wok. But, the cleanliness at this place is kind of bad.

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