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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Best Steak in Town by Smoky Jack!

A restaurant that I want to introduce but I remember only when I'm housekeeping my pictures... Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House at Upper Penang Road. I've always thought that it's either a bar or a pub because of its specially designed and freaky outlook... Stepping inside, it's like a jungle and I like the branches that crawl over the pillars and on the wall. They've different seats such as the cocoon, the comfortable sofa for family or the big rounded tank.

I've ordered a Boston Clam Chowder as the starter. This is a mixture of clams and seafood soup that is served in a bowl with a pastry cap on top. To make the pastry looking golden and with a little saltiness, melted butter is brushed on the dough before baking. The Clam Chowder tastes very refreshing with a very minor spiciness at the end of the tongue, just nice to go with the pastry.

For main course, I've ordered Capellini with Garlic & Seafood while my friend has decided to go for the Timbale of Chicken with Pinenuts. Capellini is similar to Spaghetti but it's thinner and easily to be known as angel hair pasta. Prawn, Mussel and Fish in the tomato-based sauce; the sourness of the tomato is just nice and has been absorbed completely into the thin pasta but somehow disappointing as the seafood is not so fresh. The Timbale Chicken with Pinenuts is in fact the chicken breast meat that has been stuffed with the Pinenuts, then baked and served with the special 'Jack' sauce. The chicken meat is juicy and tender while the pinenuts are a little crunchy, kind of an interesting meal. The sauce is also just-to-taste, just balancing the natural sweetness of the pinenuts.

The most satisfaction goes to the Cheese Cake. The cheese is very thick that gives the softness to the cake yet it doesn't make me feeling full or greasy. I love the dessert so much that I've been complaining on the small slice :(

I like the cozy environment and the special seats inside Smoky Jack. Anyway, the best is still the delicious food that I can enjoy from the starter till the dessert. Please call before going to Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House as I can't remember the exact opening hours already...

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