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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Phuket Part II: Wine Connection Deli & Bistro

One of the most unforgettable taste in Phuket is the Wine Connection Deli & Bistro. The menu is purely about pizza, pasta, fish, beef and dessert only; a simple selection of Western Cuisine. I do quite like the open concept here whereby people are sitting here for a meal or a wine and just watching the folks around. In the restaurant is mainly for the storage and sales section for wine, pork salami and they've a small bakery.

I've decided to try the Memminger Beer, not so bad but it's just not my taste. I'm more interested to talk about the delicious food that we've ordered. Attila and I have decided to have a Ceasar Salad as the starter. I'm not so particular about salad but my boyfriend feels so fancy about the pork bacon. I've to admit that pork bacon is a little bit saltier if to compare with beef bacon and it makes a better match to salad. Another starter that is not to be missed is the Gratinated New Zealand Mussels. This is the first time I learn about Gratinated that it means 'cooking in the herbs-based sauce until it's absorbed and forming a crisp surface'. These 8pcs of mussels are delicious and what is worth more is the pricing of 160THB only!

For main course, I've chosen the Seafood Spaghetti while Attila has decided for the Salami Pizza. The fresh prawn, squid and mussel in the tomato-based sauce; I'm fond of the seafood than the spaghetti as the spaghetti is not absorbing the tomato's taste and it's indeed watery. Salami of pork, this is what my boyfriend has been wondering and eager to have on his pizza. The thin dough skin, a thin layer of cheese and the thin slices of pork salami; every single taste is just perfect of without being too much. Attila has been so so so... satisfied with his Salami Pizza.

I don't want to miss the chance to try out the dessert here and I've taken the Lime Pie. My first impression, I like the white creamy triangle peaks. The strong lime is making the pie tastes so sour but together with the whipped cream, every single spoon is a perfect deliciousness. The sourness of the lime and the sweetness of the whipped cream, they're neutralizing each other while the pie is melting in my mouth.

Having a tasty meal and with the cozy ambient, I've enjoyed every single moments in Wine Connection. This is what I've called it as life...

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