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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Phuket Part II: Wine Connection Deli & Bistro... Revisit

Attila and I have decided to revisit Wine Connection Deli & Bistro for our lunch, a day before we're departing back to Penang.

I've decided to try the Chef's Specials Starters that is called Avocado & Crab Salsa Salad. The appearance is really stimulating my appetite and the best thing is about the deliciousness. I've never known that Avocado can be an idea for Salad. Not only with a thick layer of shredded crab meat, the chef has also put some fresh bean sprout on top that somehow neutralizing the oiliness of the Avocado.

A loyal customer, my boyfriend has decided to go for the Salami Pizza again and added with some mushroom. I've ordered the Grilled Snow Fish. Stacking in sequences of the mashed potaoes as base, followed by some mushroom, the top is the thick snow fish and lastly being decorated with the white sauce. The sauce is a little milky but it's quite light and with a nice aroma from the herbs.

It may take a year before we'll visit Phuket again and we'll definitely miss the dishes here.

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