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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Recommended Chicken Noodle at Macy

On the way to Kuala Lumpur for our long weekend, Su has been so excited about the detour to Ipoh for a bowl of Chicken Noodle as the breakfast. It's also recommended by our local colleague that to try out this delicacy at the Restoran & Kafe Macy美詩咖啡餐室.

The Chicken Noodle鸡丝河粉 in Ipoh comes in the prawn-based soup instead of the pork broth in Penang. The flat rice noodle is then being topped with shredded chicken and sliced prawn. The soup is sweetened by the taste of the prawn, it's very appetizing. I've sipped the soup to the most bottom of the bowl but I've not enjoyed the soft noodle.

Phui Yee has decided to try out the Hakka Noodle客家面 that is topped with the minced pork meat and also the Yong Tofu酿豆腐. It's not a good decision as the noodle is quite tasteless whereby it's not salty enough. It's only grateful that the noodle is very succulent. The tofu, pork balls and the fish balls in the clear soup taste neither special. Well, the ingredient in this bowl are over all at least edible.

The chicken noodle tastes really delicious here. I actually prefer the prawn broth over the strong or smelly pork broth that we usually get in Penang.

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