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Monday, 25 May 2015

44 INCH... Can You Imagine It?

What is the name of the restaurant? 44? Inch? It's a newly opened restaurant at Muntri Street. Its number plate is 44 while the restaurant itself is called INCH. It makes sense at the end, the 44 INCH. My first impression that it's alike a pub with its dim lighting and by serving various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks yet it's also serving Thai food.

Attila is too hungry that he has ordered the Grilled Corn as the starter. It's done with the garlic butter, topped with the chili powder and being served together with the sriracha sauce. The taste is just too complex as there has been too many seasonings that include saltiness, spiciness and slight sourness. Attila is suffering because the chili powder is just too spicy.

(Left: Kai Yang; Right: Beef Satay)
Highly recommended by the waitress, we've taken the Kai Yang and the Beef Satay. Kai Yang is the char-grilled chicken thigh skewer that has been marinated with garlic, pepper and coriander roots. The chicken meat is very juicy yet it's indeed quite salty and it's served together with the jim jeaw, the mixture of fish sauce and soy sauce with various spices and chili. The Beef Satay is definitely the signature dish here. The beef is very tender and the smooth peanut is an added mark to enhance the deliciousness of the meat. We've re-ordered the Beef Satay for 3 rounds till it's out of stock for the night. Picking the dish from the menu, we've decided to try out the Seafood Skewer as well. I don't really like the seafood as it's not so fresh. The prawn and the squid don't have the "bite-ness" while the sweet-based chili sauce is somehow slight too sweet to match with these seafood.

I've to say that INCH is more alike a snack bar as they don't serve too many main courses in the menu. We've decided to take the Nam Sod and the Pad Thai Chicken. The earlier is the fried rice that is done with the curry chicken sausage and peanuts and then being seasoned with the lime juice, ginger and chili. I love the way that the rice is pressed that it's becoming small crunchy piece. The slight burnt goes well indeed with the sourness and spiciness, the fried rice is very tasty and appetizing! On the other hand, the Pad Thai or the Thai style fried rice noodle is just too wet. I guess the Chef has put in too much tomato paste that it's slight too sour and it becomes just too slimy. But, I like it somehow.

We've ordered some dishes for sharing that include the Som Tum, Larb Kai and Larb Pet. Som Tum is the salad that is made of green papaya. It's tasty as it's very refreshing and I like the crunchiness of the papaya. Larb Kai and Larb Pet are the minced chicken and duck meat that are sauteed with the shallots and various herbs and spices. The chicken is very delicious but the duck meat is somehow too dry.
(Left: Larb Kai; Right: Larb Pet)

INCH does serve some delicious food here. But, do be careful with the spiciness as Attila and I have a hard time with our stomachs on the next day.

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