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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yong Tau Fu as the Breakfast

It's kind of abnormal for me to take the Yong Tau Fu as breakfast but Su has convinced me to try this out. I'm also curious to know if people in Petaling Jaya is really so fancy over such meal in the morning, at the Restoran Yong Tau Fu Khong Kee廣記釀豆腐(招牌粥).

Stepping into the restaurant and what you need to do is to pick up your favourite piece of Yong Tau Fu or the stuffed ingredients from the counter. Not really too many varieties but you can choose between the bean curd, chili and also the most famous egg plant and white Tau Fu that are soft and tasty. The best part is still the soup itself whereby it's very sweet and refreshing. We've regretted for not asking for more soup, in a big bowl at least!

The options to go with the Yong Tau Fu are the famous porridge招牌粥, the fried mee炒面 and bee hoon炒米粉 or the Curry Chee Cheong Fun咖哩猪肠粉. The porridge is a signature dish here whereby it consists of thin slices of cuttle fish, dried oyster, peanut and mushroom. I've asked additionally for a boiled century egg. The thick porridge tastes sweet from the seafood and the mixed ingredients. Every spoonful of the porridge is a treasure, there's something to bite in the mouth.

For those whom dislike porridge as Phui Yee or Elaine, they've decided to take the fried bee hoon or rice vermicelli. The rice vermicelli is fried with only bean sprout and cabbage yet it's delicious with the correct saltiness for me.

Surprisingly that the shop is filled with customers in the morning. I've quite enjoyed the breakfast indeed, even though I'm not so used to it.

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