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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

When the French meets the Japanese at the Franco

Wandering at the One Utama Shopping Mall, our intention is purely as pastime. We've somehow spotted the French Japanese Franco Fine Casual and the menu looks really interesting. There's nowhere that we intend to go and we're somehow hungry, no harm to change our plan and to try out the late lunch here.

We've decided to share the SoufflĂ© Au Franco and the Squid Ink Rice with Assorted Seafood & Omu Egg. The home style tomato rice comes with very little minced beef that is then topped with the SoufflĂ© or the fluffy beaten egg. The outlook is very tempting especially the nice brownish colour of the foamy top. Disappointed to say that the rice tastes too sweet that it's just too filling. I prefer if the rice is slightly more sour that it can be more appetizing, to go with the egg topping. On the other hand, the squid ink rice tastes just superb. The tangy rice granules, the fluffy egg and the assorted fresh seafood make up the most perfect combinations; this is the best "fried rice" that I've ever eaten and I like it. The only concern is the oily rice at the most bottom of the pan.

After being impressed by the main courses, we've taken the Molleaux Au Chocolate and the Berries Cheesecake Parfait. The dark chocolate cake with a molten center and being decorated with the shiny gold granules, we're firstly amazed by the tempting outlook of this sinful dessert. The moist cake with the thick chocolaty taste, this is a heavenly dessert that I'll describe as "marvellous"! Anyway, I'll still ask for more molten chocolate as the filling indeed. Anyway, the soy gelato is not really preferred by all even though it's smooth and cooling. The crushed biscuit being topped with the soy gelato and garnished with the cheesecake bits and the sauce that is made of berries, I do quite like this dessert. It'll be nicer if it's poured with more sauce in order to reduce the strong taste of the soy in the gelato itself.

Some delicious drinks that we've tried out, the Fizzy Berries and the Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake. The earlier is sour and refreshing while the later is milky and it's filled with the nice aroma of the peanut. There has been no tolerance from the waiter about reducing the banana as being requested by Elaine yet this is the best idea that has made the drink just wonderful in taste.

It has been a nice meal that we've indeed enjoyed some of the dishes. We've planned it in for our next trip, some menu that we've intended to try indeed.

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