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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Remember to Eat... the Dessert

Su and I have always a "second" stomach to fill up the dessert. The girls have brought me to the Restoran K.T.Z Food記得食 that is serving mainly dessert despite they do serve some food here.

Su's favourite is the Mango Sago Loh芒果西米撈 that is actually the shaved ice on top of the fresh mango cubes and being topped with a thick layer of sago and mango sauce. I like the sweetness of the mango yet I'm somehow not fancy over the processed mango sauce. Phui Yee has taken the Watercress with Honey西洋菜蜜. This is definitely a sugar shock as it's just extremely too sweet.

Elaine and I have ordered the hot desserts that are the Peanut Butter花生糊 and the Barley with Ginkgo Nuts白果薏米腐竹. The peanut paste is very smooth. I'm falling in love with the Barley with Ginkgo Nuts as it's thick and very delicious.

I'll definitely re-visit this place for their tasty Barley with Ginkgo Nuts. Hmmm... I'm wondering if this restaurant is able to run in Penang.

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