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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Italianese Neroteca at Damansara

Looking for the Nasi Kukus that is located at Jalan Medan Setia 1, the stall is indeed closed during the weekend. We've then decided to try out the Rosticceria E Vini Neroteca for its Italian Cuisine.

We've taken the sharing platter of Prosciutto & Mozzarella that consists of the parma ham and the buffalo mozzarella cheese. The very light taste of the Balsamic Vinegar has enhanced the saltiness of the parma ham and the succulence of the mozzarella perfectly. Besides that, we've ordered the Quattro Stagioni Plus Pizza that is topped with the grilled artichokes, honey ham, mixed olives from liguria and king mushrooms in each quarterly portion and lastly the fresh mozzarella cheese. The pizza is good yet the dough is slightly too oily and it's not salty enough that it's delicious even being eaten plainly on its own.

The best portion is at the ending whereby we've decided to share 3 types of dessert that consist of the Tiramisu Della Casa, the Panna Cotta and the Coppetta Neroteca. I'm very disappointed with the Tiramisu as it doesn't contain any taste of smell of the liquor while the espresso is also too less and the layers of the cake is just too thick. The Panna Cotta is very special being garnished with the balsamic berries. I like the sourness of the vinegar-ed berries that has balanced the creaminess of this soft dessert. The best dessert for me goes to the Coppetta Neroteca whereby it's the hazelnut gelato that is served with espresso, chocolate sauce and the almond crumble. The gelato has a nice aroma of the hazelnut and I've enjoyed the bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of the chocolate sauce that have made a real good combination with the gelato. The almond crumble is an added mark to bring crunchiness to this cold dessert.

Not really a very impressed journey to the Italian food yet the food here is quite delicious. I'm happy that I've at least tried out some nice desserts here. The inner of the restaurant is amazing as it has been decorated elegantly.

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