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Monday, 27 April 2015

Edo Ichi the Japanese at Island Plaza

Regardless how many shops that have moved in and moved out from the Island Plaza, it still stands strong with the cold storage and some of the restaurants around. Being triggered by the girls, Attila and I have decided to try out the Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine for our brunch.

Ordering the Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Sarada or the fresh salad bowl, it's upset that the salmon skin is not available for the day. Alternatively, we've taken still the same salad but being topped completely with only the deep fried soft shell crab. They're providing 4 types of dressings that range from Goma (Sesame), Wafu (Japanese Style), Wasabi (Horseradish) to Ringo (Apple). The most famous or the most top in the list is the Goma or Sesame Sauce that is very thick, smooth and comes with a nice aroma of the sesame seeds. The dressing is so superb that it has completed the fresh salad, it's just so delicious and marvelous!

We've also taken the Ika Sugata Yaki, Shimeiji Butter and the Garlic Fried Rice. The whole Japanese Squid is grilled in Shioyaki Style or with salt only. The fresh squid goes well with the salt whereby the freshness of the seafood is really enhanced by the pure salt. I dislike the Shimeiji Mushroom that has been sauteed with butter as it tastes too sweet. I'm wondering if the Chef has mistakenly added the Teriyaki Sauce into this dish? The fried rice goes well, it's tasty.

For our 1st visit to Edo Ichi, I can only recall the deliciousness of the salad here. I'll re-visit here for their special homemade salad dressing while at the same time, I really hope to try out a delicious main course too.

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