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Friday, 15 May 2015

"Hokkien Char"... It's Halal

Have you ever tried out the Halal "Tai Lok Mee"? Since childhood, we've known this Oriental Style Fried Noodle or the "fried fat noodle" as non Halal because the must-to-have ingredient is indeed the pork lard. It's somehow a surprise to us that this dish is available as Halal Style and we're curious to try it out indeed.

(Hokkien Mee福建面)
There's only 3 dishes on the menu board: Hokkien Mee福建面, Loh Mee鹵面 and Kung Fu Fried廣府炒.  The owner is once famous for his fried noodle that comes with pork lard but he has then created this idea about chicken lard after he has converted to Muslim. We're still feeling full and they're out of stock for "Tai Lok Mee"大碌面, thus we've decided to share the Hokkien Bee Hoon that is the wet version or more sauce and the Kung Fu Fried Bee Hoon that is the dry version. Both of the rice vermicelli are fried with the slices of chicken meat, prawn, cabbage and then being topped with the bits of the chicken lard. The chicken lard is not so super crunchy as the pork lard yet it's still delicious. I like the taste of the dark soy sauce that is so appealing after frying with sufficient heat on the wok. I prefer this Halal noodle indeed because it's lighter in taste that I don't feel filling easily and it doesn't have the strong smell of pork that I dislike of.
(Kung Fu Fried廣府炒)

I'm happy that I've tried out the Ah Mang Mee and I've loved to try it again.

Stall No. 8, Pusat Penjaja Seksyen 1/12,
Jalan Othman,
PJ Old Town,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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