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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Queuing at the Fatty Crab

Don't be late or else, you'll regret. The girls have chased me to leave at 5pm to the Restoran Fatty Crab Sdn Bhd肥佬蟹海鮮樓 that is located at the Taman Megah P. Jaya despite I'm still wondering that it's just too early for a dinner. But, guess what... we've to wait to be seated for a table at 530pm.

To fill the hunger while waiting for the food to be served, it's a must to try the Fried Chicken Wing. You'll anyway be overwhelmed and attracted by the nice aroma of the chicken wing that is wandering in the air. Being served hot from the wok, the chicken wing is so tasty mainly due to the saltiness of the marination sauce.

The menu is very simple whereby you just need to choose between the Crab, Fish, Prawn and the Fried Rice. The starred dish here is the Chili Crab that is fried with the special self made green chili paste. The spicy and sour-based sauce is very appetizing, perfectly as the dipping sauce for the toast. Another special dish is the Fried Rice that is somehow containing the taste of the peanut. I like the colourful fried rice that comes in the tiny details such as the chopped long beans, minced carrot and the prawn that has been cut into small pieces. It's delicious that I just can't stop it! Trying out the Fried Prawn干煎蝦 that contains a lot of chopped garlic, I don't really like it as it's too salty and spicy. The aroma of the sauteed garlic has somehow disappeared in this dish itself.

Finishing our dinner at about 730pm, I just can't imagine the long queue outside the restaurant. I feel somehow grateful that we've come here early or else, I would have definitely suffered for hunger.

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