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Friday, 15 May 2015

Visiting the Crab Factory

It's a nice name, isn't it? The girls have found out the Crab Factory while surfing through the net for food hunting in Petaling Jaya. Not only the crabs, they're also selling various food from both the sea and the freshwater that include lobsters, yabbies, amaebi, prawns, mussels, octopus, scallops and the Japanese snails There is a small aquarium that you can checkout the seafood that you want.

There is step-by-step procedures to order your meal here.
Step 1: Choose your seafood from the images as displayed
Step 2: Sauce it up with the normal or the spicy sauces
Step 3: Add on your 2 free bag buddies

The plastic apron is given to every guests, that you can avoid being splashed by the sauces during your clumsiness while working with the hard shells.

Being highly recommended by the waiter, we've decided to take the seasonal female crab than the male mud crab.  We've chosen the O'ly Crab spicy sauce and together with the potato and the button mushrooms as the side dishes. The cooked seafood is served to the table in the big plastic bag. It's a huge disappointment that the meat of the crab is not fresh that it's very powdery. The sauce is as well extremely too spicy that it has covered the sweetness of the seafood and the most important is, it has numbed my taste-bud. We're then unhappy to find out that the seasonal crab is actually the frozen crab. This information is not given to us correctly and we're indeed shown to the aquarium to choose the live crab. The only gratefulness that Phui Yee and I can share is the plenty of egg yolk that is inside the crab.

We've taken additionally the Prawns in Garlic Butter sauce with Corn and Enoki Mushrooms and also the Scallops in the same sauce with Corn and King Mushrooms. The prawns are quite fresh and go well with the creamy butter sauce, just a little too sweet for me. The scallops taste somehow weird because the king mushrooms have "changed" the taste of the sauce. It's kind of wasted as the sauce doesn't match well with the fresh scallops.

I'm not impressed by the seafood here. The price is indeed quite expensive due to the imported seafood and I don't find any other attractive points to motivate myself to re-visit the Crab Factory again.

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