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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dining at the Mish Mash

Undecided... we've then chosen to try out the food at the Mish Mash that is located at the Muntri Street. I know this place for the cocktails and they're really good at some of the drinks. Never try never know, I'm wondering about the food that we can expect here.

The business starts at 5pm and we've ordered the 1st meal at 7pm, can you imagine that most of the dishes in the set menu are actually out of order? We're at the end having no choice that to take the Tropic Sandwich and the Salmon Aglio Olio. The set menu comes with the Sesame Duck Salad. The green vegetable with cherry tomato and being topped with the pan seared duck slices and lastly being garnished with the rice wine & white sesame dressing. It's slightly too salty but it does taste delicious. The Tropic Sandwich is the Benggali Bread that is stuffed with lettuce, pineapple, papaya and sauteed chicken. The Benggali Bread is very porous and soft at the center whereby this bread is very popular among Malaysians. But, the stuffing has spoil the bread especially the combinations of the pineapple and papaya in the sauce taste somehow weird. The pan fried Salmon tastes good while the Aglio Olio is very different with its Oriental taste due to the basil leaves. This is a borderline preference of whether you like it or not.

Guess what, all the pork sausages are as well out of stock for that night.  We've then decided to share the Mish Mash Roast Pork and the Nachos. I like the different dipping sauces that are served together with the roasted pork; ranging from mustard, sugar, apple to tomyam mayo. The pork meat is salty enough yet the skin is not crunchy enough to be on par with the local roasted pork that I've ever known. A plate of nachos being garnished with guacamole, sour cream, pickled jalapenos and their special homemade chili; nothing can go wrong and I love it. Anyway, I'll prefer not to have the coriander leaves indeed.

With the experience of "this is not available, this is out of stock", it's really drawing me out from the dining at the Mish Mash again. I'm fully recommending this place for the cocktails but not for food indeed.

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