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Sunday, 31 May 2015

GOKU sen, the Very Fresh?

GOKU sen極鮮 is a newly opened Japanese Café & Bar Private Limited inside the Udini Square. It's the only restaurant that is available in this building that is still quite empty to now. As its name means "very fresh", I'm indeed curious about the Japanese food that will be served here.

While waiting for our food to be served, I'm nagging that the hot green tea comes inside the plastic cup. Despite that the cup is able to withstand the high temperature, I'm still surprised that the cold green tea is served with the glass indeed.

We've taken the Ton Katsu or the deep fried pork that is coated with the breadcrumbs and the Kinoko Mori Itame or the stir-fried mixed mushrooms with butter-based sauce. The pork meat is slightly chewy while the coating is quite soggy that it's not crispy at all. The plum sauce is appetizing and I like it as it's not too thick. The various mushrooms that include the Shitake, Eringi and Shimeji are very fresh yet the butter sauce is just too sweet. It'll be tastier if it's salty instead of sweet.

We've shared also the Miso Ramen or the noodle in the bean paste soup. Here is not the best choice for this dish but the broth is still considered as delicious. The smell of the bean paste is not really too strong whereby the soup matches just well with the tangy Japanese noodle. I've enjoyed the plenty of seaweed that comes together with the Ramen while on the other side, the pork belly is somehow just too fatty to be eaten.

The price is apparently very reasonable and it's especially very cheap because they're presenting 10% discount in May'15. Not too sure if the discount is extended, do check it out...

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