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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Nasi 7 Benua @ Koo Boo Kafe

This is the latest trend in Penang whereby everyone is talking about, the Nasi 7 Benua at the Koo Boo Kafe. They start the business from 11am till 11pm and people has started to queue in front of the stall before the business starts to operate.

7 Benua means 7 Continentals and they're presenting the rice in 7 different colours. The rice is given its own name that ranges from the Putih, Lemak, Tomato, Lamuni, Minyak, Kacang to the Hujan Panas. Basically, each rice has its special seasoning and taste respectively. By the same sequence earlier, the rice consists of plain white rice, coconut milk, tomato, black Lemuni Leaf, oil, lentils and the colourful rice. The seasoning is only at the very surface that I think the rice is neither awesome nor too delicious indeed. I personally prefer the Nasi Hujan Panas that is cooked with garlic, shallot and some spices that it has a nice aroma and it's more appealing in the taste. The price is indeed quite cheap whereby my plate of 7 scoops of rice, 1 fried chicken, 1 fried egg and some cucumbers cost me RM7 only. Besides, the meal comes with free drinks that you can choose between plain tea or sugar syrup.

The idea of putting 7 colours into the rice is really a good idea yet the taste is not really impressive though. We're indeed annoyed by the slow speed that the rice is served, being scooped one-by-one cup that we've waited 15 minutes just to get a plate of the complete rice.

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