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Monday, 7 January 2013

7 Old Houses into the 7 Terraces

An innovative idea to link 7 old houses into a restaurant cum a hotel, this place is called Seven Terraces七间老厝. It's located at Stewart Lane and its kebaya dining room is serving classic Straits and Indo-Chinese cuisine that we commonly know as 'Nyonya' food. Sitting inside the heritage house and to enjoy its beauty, it's just alike turning back the time.

They're currently serving 4-course menu that consists of appetiser, main course, greens or vegetable and a dessert. We're lost as we've no clues about the menu and I'm indeed quite unhappy as I've not received any help or recommendation. By gut feelings, we've decided to take the Pai Tee, Pork Man Tou and the Chao Tom. Pai Tee is a crispy cup that is filled with fried prawn and fresh sliced vegetable such as cucumber, carrot and turnip that is then being served together with sweet chili and coriander sauce. It's delicious because the crispy prawn and the "crunchy" vegetable from its freshness are both going well with the sauce that smells very nice from the chopped coriander leaves. My Man Tou is the stewed pork that is cooked with soy sauce and together with the pickled vegetable being stuffed inside the homemade bun. I like the softness and juiciness of the pork meat but I find the dish to be too salty. The last appetiser is a mixture of minced prawn with herbs and spices being being wrapped onto sugar cane stalk and then grilled. I find the texture of the dish is a little alike fishcake but it's not fishy and the taste is quite delicious.

For main course, Attila has decided to go for their specialty dish of Hong Bak Lamb whereby the prime grade of New Zealand lamb is slowly boiled in the Kurma spices. The complex Kurma sauce matches the strong smell of the lamb while the meat is still juicy and tender even after the long hours of cooking. I've chosen the Grilled Chicken Kapitan whereby the half chicken is cooked inside the mixture of chili, garlic, shallots and candle nuts. The meat is juicy and tender but I find it somehow doesn't absorb the aroma of the chili paste completely. On the other hand, the sauce is very heavy and filling from the thick coconut milk that I've a hard stomach after the dish.

Moving towards the greens, we've taken the Sambal Goreng that is the French beans and Enoki mushrooms being sauteed with belacan coconut cream. I'm quite unhappy because the Enoki mushrooms are being replaced with the small corns without my notification in advanced. The sauce is quite special but I find the dish to be too filling from the coconut milk as well.

I'm impressed the most by their dessert because both the Tang Yuan and the Panna Cotta are very delicious. It's a beautiful dessert whereby the homemade glutinous 'Onde Onde' rice balls that are being stuffed with coconut that is cooked with Malacca palm sugar and then being coloured in blue naturally by the juice of Bunga Telang, is then being served inside the warm coconut broth with some slices of coconut meat. I find the coconut to be slightly too rough but I've indeed enjoyed the thick and smooth coconut milk. This is very delicious dessert that I'm willing to visit here again and again... The Panna Cotta is made from the passion fruit and coconut and  being served together with candied pistachios and poached pineapple. I'm not the fans for Panna Cotta but Attila has indeed loved it so much. He's dying in this soft and jelly-alike dessert.
(Source from Wikipedia on Bunga Telang: Clitoria ternatea)

I'm not really satisfied with the Nyonya food here. My revisit will only be possible, if they're willing to serve only the appetiser and dessert to me. 

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