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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Symbol... Grandpa & Grandma

For me, they look like grandpa and grandma... This is the symbol for Meet Fresh鮮芋仙 that is selling the traditional Taiwanese dessert. They claim themselves as Taiwan No. 1 Best Sweet; what do you think? Here we girls have decided to give it the 1st try at the Gurney Paragon. The waiter has given us an electronic plate while waiting for our orders. If it's vibrating and the light is blinking, the desserts are ready and it's time to pick them up!

We've decided to share a cold dish of Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly鲜芋仙招牌 that contains herb jelly仙草凍, herb blended ice仙草冰沙, Taro Ball芋圆 and cream鲜奶油. Su and I have spent some time explaining to the guy that we don't want the Sweet Potato Ball yet it's just impossible. For us, the Taro and the Sweet Potato Balls are just awful as they taste exactly alike flour. They're chewy and they're tasteless. I'm wondering that this dessert can gain its popularity among the Malaysians. Besides, we've shared a plate of Q Mochi日式Q麻糬 that comes in the original原味 and the black sugar黑糖 flavours. They're poured with the syrup and then being coated with dried coconut. I find the Mochi to be quite ordinary but it's quite tasty from the sweetness of the sugar syrup and the crispiness of the coconut.
We've ordered also some drinks such as Super-Volume Milk Tea古味奶茶, Traditional White Gourd Tea古味冬瓜 and the Camellia Green Tea茶花绿茶. None of the drinks are really good except the Camellia Green Tea that is not too sweet and it has a nice aroma.
We're totally dissatisfied with Meet Fresh because the desserts are really not delicious. I've neither reason nor motivation to spend my money at this place again.

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