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Friday, 11 January 2013

Handmade... A Little Piece of Penang

Have you ever heard about or 小田佳园 in Penang? Well, I've never known about it until I've discovered the Handmade Pineapple Cake手工鳳梨酥 through the market sales that is located at Straits Quay. Some test samples and Attila has decided to carry one box for home...

Look at the box and the nice packaging that how the pineapple cake is wrapped, each of the them is alike a sweet souvenir. Reading through the official website, I've just realized that this little piece is really handmade locally including the pineapple that is planted at Nibong Tebal. Tearing the pineapple cake, you'll see the texture of the real pineapple. I find the pineapple tastes a little bit more sour than sweet while the skin is slightly thick than I'm expecting. The uneven pastry skin is indeed making the pineapple cake to taste a little powdery in the mouth. It doesn't taste too bad but it's just not better than others I've tasted before. Moreover, Attila is unhappy for the food preservative that is contained inside every single wrapper. It may not be deathly but I believe there's still a risk to the health.

The box with 10 pieces of pineapple cakes costs us RM 38. Personally, the price is over-charged because the Taiwanese Pineapple Tart tastes more delicious and it costs me only about RM 3 per piece.


  1. Hi Yu Jing,

    We came across your blog post about our product and has concern about the 'food preservative'. While we do not add preservatives in our product. The pack you see is actually an 'oxygen absorber'.

    It protect the food from microorganisms growth and butter becoming rancid. The main ingredient being iron, it is not dangerous and may be absorbed by your body much like an iron supplement. Although we do not suggest you consume it.

    We thank you for your constructive opinion and we will continue to improve our product.

    Have a nice day~~

  2. Thanks for the info, it's really a constructive communication :)