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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kedai Kopi Ho Ping, Small yet Complete

A dinner gathering to achieve my target for food blogging of year 2013, we're heading towards Kedai Kopi Ho Ping和平茶餐室 that is located at Kampung Malabar日本新路. The girls are recommending the place for their delicious and special Loh Bak. The coffee shop indeed looks very small with limited number of tables and seats yet it's providing various choices of food.

A must to try on my request, we've ordered the Loh Bak卤肉. Of course, we've as well asked additionally some Fried Prawn虾煎 and Taiwanese Pork Sausages台湾香肠. The Loh Bak here is kind of special because it's made from whole piece of pork meat instead of the minced pork. The pork slice is succulent and it's not hard that I've expected. Besides, the chili sauce is very special because it's spicy and with a little sourness at the end of tongue even though it seems to be slight watery. The name of the dish is given that the pork roll must be served together with the starchy sauce卤汁 as well. I'm not fancy over starchy sauce with pork meat but it's at least nice that it's not too gluey. I find the Loh Bak to be very special because it doesn't contain the aroma and sweetness of the 5 spices that I've known of commonly. I didn't manage to capture a good image on the Fried Prawn but it does taste good for the crispiness and the saltiness.

Another recommendation is the Pork Meat Porridge猪肉粥 that you can ask for purely meat or with pork intestines. If you're not a porridge lover, you can ask for rice vermicelli米粉 or just the soup itself with the mixture of pork's spare parts猪什汤. The soup looks a little brownish and it's very tasty from the saltiness of the preserved cabbage. Furthermore, the minced pork is very juicy and it doesn't contain any awful pork's smell. The best news is that I don't feel thirsty even I've finished the whole bowl of the soup whereby the deliciousness is indeed an enjoyment. Please note that this is a DIY dish that you can ask for your favourite ingredients, just as I'm not having any pork intestines in my porridge as I dislike the taste. According to Su, the business has been very good that they're having 3 cooks here.

A strategic location, you can order the Beef Noodle牛肉云吞面汤 from the stall that is located in front of the Kafe Dua Dua Satu Lapan2218茶餐室. Simply the Wantan Noodle and sliced beef inside the thick broth, I love it whereby I've really enjoyed the tenderness of the beef. The meat is not chewy and it's indeed very juicy that it's just melting in my mouth. Not only the meat, but I like the tasty soup as well.

I've to say it, you must try out these dishes at Kedai Kopi Ho Ping. I don't know if there's any restaurants or stalls that are serving better dishes than here, but I know that they're one of the best that I've tasted so far.

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