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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

If You've A Million, Let's Go to Loh Mee

I'm hungry for a lunch. Thanks to my girls' gang to pick me up and here we go to the Million Loh Mee萬能鹵面 that is located at Medan Angsana Bandar Baru or nearby Farlim. Their speciality is the Loh Mee that is served together with Chicken Feet in 5 spices五香鸡脚卤面. Loh Mee is really an Oriental speciality because the soup is coloured with the dark soy sauce that is then being thickened with the egg and starch to create the gluey texture.

Other than a wide selection of noodles such as rice vermicelli, yellow noodle, Koay Teow or instant Maggi noodle, they're as well providing various add-on that ranges from chicken feet, chicken liver, pork meat, pork skin to pork intestines. Recommended in the menu, I've decided to take the Loh Mee. I like the idea of using the containers as storage for the reasons that it's not a wastage for those people that don't consume the chili or the garlic and it's as well a good news for myself as I can add as much as I can... Anyway, I don't really like the Loh Mee here because the soup is too starchy. It's almost not possible for me to mix the noodle with the chili and the garlic properly. Furthermore, it's disgusting that the nails of the chicken feet are not chopped off.

Additionally, we've ordered some side dishes for sharing such as the Loh Bak卤肉, Fried Prawn虾煎 and the Prawn Roll虾卷. I'm wondering if the chef has mixed some blended yam into the Loh Bak because it's very soft and juicy. The taste is quite ordinary except that it's slightly sweet. I find nothing special neither for the Fried Prawn nor for the Prawn Roll because the taste is just acceptable. There's nothing to be amazed by these dishes but they're eatable.

I'm fancy about Loh Mee but here is definitely not my choice again. They claim that they're also specializing in Pork Knuckle in Vinegar猪脚醋 and you may want to try it if. It's more towards an appreciation to my girlfriends Su, Elaine and Phui Yee for accompanying me on that day.

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