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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New on Koh Lipe... SouvLucky Chicken Kebab

SouvLukcy Chicken Kebab is at least new to me. This stall is located at Walking Street by Koh Lipe and they open from 4pm onwards till... I guess late night, as late as they've the customers. On the right, the dough is mixed and the pastry skin is fried on the hot plate; On the left, the chicken meat is grilled and this is as well the station where the Kebab is finally produced.

It's fast and within only 1 minute, I've got my Chicken Kebab! The chicken meat, tomato, lettuce and onion are garnished with Mayonnaise and Ketchup that are then being rolled inside the pastry skin. The chicken meat tastes actually good as it's quite salty that it's able to match the creamy Mayonnaise sauce. However, the meat is slightly too dry. Besides, I do find the pastry skin is just thick and it's just too hard that I've finally given up to bite it.

The SouvLucky Chicken Kebab has attracted a lot of customers. People are waiting to try out this new taste on Koh Lipe Island. I'm disappointed as they don't have Tzatziki whereby this is one of the originality that has been missing for Kebab. Besides, I don't fancy over their Chicken Kebab as it's not really very delicious. The only cool thing is maybe the pirate's flag! By the way, the owner is as well very friendly.

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