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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ah Leng Char Koay Teow

Recommended by my 3 fussy pots, we're heading to the Ah Leng Char Koay Teow亞龍炒粿條 that is located by Jalan Chor Sin Kheng at Ayer Itam. Char Koay Teow or Fried Rice Noodle is a famous locality in Malaysia that is Non-Halal as pork fat is a secret to enhance the deliciousness of this dish. Commonly, the rice noodle is fried together with the prawn, cockle, bean sprout, egg and Chinese chives that are then being seasoned with chili paste, light and dark soy sauces to create the spiciness and saltiness. The specialties by Ah Leng is he's serving my favourite Mantis Prawn with the Char Koay Teow and you can ask for Duck Egg鸭蛋 instead of the Chicken. People believes that duck egg makes a better taste with the Char Koay Teow.
Ordering the Special that costs me RM 10.50, the Char Koay Teow comes with 5 prawns and some mantis prawns. I'm a little surprised by the price because the prawns are not only quite big but they're as well succulent and juicy. I find the Char Koay Teow to be quite delicious except that the mantis prawns are slightly too soft and they taste a little 'fishy'. I guess it's definitely great if the mantis prawns are served hot and crispy, immediately after frying! With or without chili, I'll ask for more chili during my next visit. For the big-eater, you can ask for big plate or additional duck egg at an extra cost of RM 0.50 each.

The Ayer Itam's stall is owned by the Dad while the Son is in-charging the Char Koay Teow that is located at Jalan Dato Keramat. Dad or Son, both of them are preparing delicious Char Koay Teow. The girls prefer the Dad's because the repeatability of the taste is more stable.

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