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Monday, 28 January 2013

Hungry... 1st Meal at Bundhaya Resort

No breakfast and no lunch, we're totally starving by the time we step onto Koh Lipe Island. Thus, we've decided to take the nearest restaurant at the Bundhaya Resort that we're staying in. Koh Lipe is still a beautiful island by the Andaman Sea since my last visit.

Attila has ordered the Pad Kra Prao Rad Khao that is steamed rice being served with stir-fried meat with garlic, chili and basil leaves. Either pork or chicken or beef, the meat is minced into small pieces and the taste is then being enhanced by the spiciness of the chili and the nice aroma of the sauteed garlic with Thai basil. The meat is juicy and tender and it's really appetising to go with the white rice. I've asked for the Gaeng Kiew Wahn or the green curry that is cooked with fresh vegetable, chili and sweet basil. I'm a little disappointed by the time the dish is served because of the light green colour. Apparently, the curry is really too milky that even Attila doesn't taste the spiciness of the chili.

"It's again a holiday with kids!", Attila has to take care the grown-up kids that get hungry always. It's surprising that the restaurant is overwhelmed with a lot of customers as I find the food is not so tasty.

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