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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sienna Marina, By the Wooloomooloo Bay

Travelling to Sydney, we've decided to try out the Sienna Marina Italian Cuisine Bar and Restaurant that we've discovered at Wooloomooloo Bay. It has as always been Attila's wish to try out the non-Halal Pizza whenever we're out from Malaysia, looking for the taste of Home Sweet Home back in Europe.

I've forgotten to write down the names for each dishes that we've ordered. Simply in short, we've asked for the Salami and Mushroom Pizza and Seafood Spaghetti. A little disappointment to the Pizza because the Salami is soft and not salty enough to compensate the Pizza dough. Attila as well prefers to have less cheese in the Pizza. My Seafood Spaghetti comes with the prawn, scallops and rucola salad in the olive oil. I find it quite tasteless and I hate the prawn that is not fresh. This is somehow quite irony to the location that is so nearby the ocean.
Sienna Marina is of course not my choice for Italian food. I'm in fact extremely pissed off with the owner whom has been very rude by telling 'What you want, what you want?' when I'm trying to capture some pictures for my blog. I'm indeed prefer a more polite way of talking.

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