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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Original... Hurricane's Grill & Bar Bondi Beach

If you're a pork ribs lover, please don't miss out to visit the Hurricane's Grill & Bar. The original shop is located at Bondi Beach. This is the famous beach where people are gathering here for the Yacht surfing during the Summer. Arrival of us is during the cold and windy night yet I've indeed amazed by the beautiful linkages between the sky, ocean and the beach.

We've waited for at least an hour for our table. The whole restaurant is fully packed by the crowds that are waiting to try out the famous ribs here. The best sellers here are the beef, lamb and pork ribs that can be ordered by full rack or half rack and then being served together with chips or the baked potato with sour cream and chives. Of course, Attila and I have decided to share the full rack of pork ribs. Wow, this is really such a big-sized of long rack! One great experience is that we'll be given our napkin to prevent the sauces to spill onto our clothes. Now, to talk about the taste of the ribs, 'No Regret'! The outer skin of the ribs is slightly burnt to give the little crispiness yet the meat is still so tender and juicy, such a perfect taste to match with the sweet BBQ sauce that is called Monkey Gland. Alternatively, they do also serve other marination sauces such as garlic, mushroom, Spanish, pepper or Peri-Peri. This is the ribs that both of us have agreed upon its deliciousness.

This is a grateful trip that we've the chance to try out the Hurricane's ribs. You can select your own favourite of meat and sauce and the most important, this is the original taste of 'fire-grilled ribs'.

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