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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Opera Bar & Opera House

Finally, my dream comes true to see by myself the Opera House Sydney. The scenery of the Pyrmont Bridge on the left and the Opera House on the right, this is such a beautiful memory that I want to remember.

Tired of walking, we've decided to sit down at the Opera Bar for our breakfast while we're enjoying the beautiful scene. You can choose either Western or Oriental cuisine from the menu here. Thus, Attila has decided to go for the Angus Burger while I've chosen the Steamed Dumplings with Prawn and Scallop. Angus is a type of beef whereby the herd is naturally black or red colour. I'm not a good eater for steak that I can't differentiate the taste of the meat but Attila is somehow quite satisfied with the Angus meat patty in between the burger bread. The only unacceptable mistake is the red beet root to replace the lettuce salad as garnishing. For myself, I'm totally satisfied with my delicious dumplings. The mixed prawn and scallop ingredient is not really too special but the little spicy and salty soy sauce has somehow enhanced the freshness of the steamed dumplings.
No doubt that I'm happy to have my Oriental meal here, but it's more grateful to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. It's very windy here and the seagulls are flying around freely.

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