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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Delicious Burgers or Burgerlicious

We've decided to visit Burgerlicious famous burgers and wraps while wandering for our morning breakfast. I'm attracted by the red lip on the signboard and I've in fact as well been so satisfied with the deliciousness of the wrap that I've ordered.

Attila has chosen the 100% Pure Beef Burger that is called Big Doppio. It consists of double Angus beef meat patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, their special sauce and of course, no grilled onions for Attila. Attila has finished up the Angus meat completely, in such a hungry and greedy manner. I guess he has been so grateful to have such tasty burger. The set meal comes with the thick and flat French Fries that are crispy at outside but so soft at inside. The saltiness is just nice that I've to say that the Fries are good. My Chickadee Wrap consists of chicken breast meat, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. My favourite is the chicken meat that is so juicy, tender and rich in taste.

I'm still missing these delicious burgers so much and I do really miss the juicy chicken meat... so Yummy!

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