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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Fresh... at Sydney Fish Market

Another favourite tourists' spot is the Sydney Fish Market, somewhere that you can find the fishy smell in the air and the seagulls are everywhere searching for food. This is the export and the local distribution centre whereby the trucks are stopping by the loading dock, to transport the seafood to country-wide and here is as well a harbour. As per my information, Sydney Fish Market is one of the biggest in Asia region, following after Tokyo.

Fish Market provides various selections of fresh seafood that ranges from fish, squid, crab till abalone or lobster. One of the remarkable favourite here is the oysters as they're freshly opened in front of your eyes. You can buy the raw seafood for your home-cooked meal or alternatively as visitors, we've decided to buy the readily prepared seafood here. Attila and I have decided to go the squid, scallop and a half lobster. Of course we've made a big mistake by ordering the fried or cheese-baked seafood! No doubt that the squid, scallop or lobster are big in size whereby they're very 'meaty' but the freshness and natural sweetness of the seafood have been killed by the frying oil and the thick cheese.

Please bear in mind to try out the fresh seafood if you've the chance to visit Sydney Fish Market.

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