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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hunting for Vineyards at Hunter Valley

If you're a wine's lover, don't forget to reserve some time to visit Hunter Valley at the outskirt of Australia. This is where the Vineyards are located that you can jump from one to another for wine tasting. You can choose few wines from their list for the tasting before deciding to get one for home. It's not a must to buy the wine but as well not to be too greedy to try every single wines that they serve here ;)

Out from the various Vineyards, we've first tried the Kevin Sobels Wines. I like the wide area around this Vineyard that we can easily find the parking spaces, a spacious corner for the small stalls to sell food or their handmade arts and a small garden outside that we can sit down to relax. One of the wine that has attracted my attention is the Gewurztraminer. I'm normally dislike sweet wine yet the aromatic smell of this wine is very refreshing. It's very suitable as a dessert wine for sharing while gathering with family or group of friends.

Next, we've decided to visit McGuigan Wines as they're having cheese sales and tastings just next door to the wine tastings hall. Our hungry stomachs are urging us to try out the Cheese Tasting Platter that consists of Brie, Cheddar and Blue Cheese, an Antipasti box and a packet of biscuits. Attila and I have as well got ourselves a big bottle of Hansi Lemonade. What's next? Of course, we're making ourselves comfortable by having a picnic on the green field during this sun shining day.

Before ending our journey at Hunter Valley, we've lastly stopped by the Tempus Two to have our one last glass of wine at goldfish cocktail and wine lounge. I've as well made a chance to take picture at the grapes. A lesson learnt; wine grapes are smaller, thicker skin yet juicier and normally more sour to make a good wine.

It's a new experience for me to have a 'wine-hopping trip' from Vineyard to Vineyard at Hunter Valley. This is definitely an unfrogettable memory for myself.

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