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Sunday, 15 January 2012

LÖWENBRÄU, the Germany in Sydney

Phoebe's friends have decided to bring us to dinner to the LÖWENBRÄU or the German restaurant that is located nearby Circular Quay. This only German restaurant in Sydney has been packed with crowds during the dinner time and we've nearly missed out the seats without booking in advanced.

Not too hungry, Attila and I have decided to share the Löwenschnitzel; the giant pork schnitzel that is served with French Fries and Herb Mayonnaise. Looking at the portion of serving, I've somehow being surprised by the meaning of 'giant'. Attila is quite satisfied with the solid taste of the pork but it appears to be slightly too dry and too hard for me. Anyway, we've the same opinion that we'll prefer slightly more saltiness in the pork. The most compliment goes to the Pretzel; seems hard yet crispy at outside and soft at inside. The rock salt has given enough saltiness to the Pretzel but it'll taste even better to go with butter.

This is not the best German restaurant that we've had before but it has somehow been a spotlight for tourists. It's very funny for Attila and Bernd that the band is singing with the Austrian slang, that has made the German song being meaningless ;)

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  1. i love this place too when i was at the Rocks! :)