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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lunarich Pizza & Pasta, Is It an Authentic Italian?

The girls are having their dinner at Lunarich Pizza & Pasta by Gurney Paragon, Attila and I have decided to visit the branch that is located at One Precinct Bayan Baru. We're excited that we may have more choices for authentic Italian restaurant in Penang. A buy-off procedure before ordering, my Boyfriend is verifying with the waiter to confirm that the restaurant is "Non Halal".

I'm the first to be served with my main course, the Spaghetti alla Carbonara that is a creamy cheese-based sauce that is cooked together with pork bacon, chopped onion and sliced button mushroom. The tender spaghetti goes well with the sauce except that the pork bacon is not sauteed sufficiently to enhance the saltiness and aroma of the meat. This is not the best Spaghetti Carbonara that I've tasted and it's definitely more expensive here. Attila is disappointed by his Pizza Margherita with additional Salami because the Chef is indeed using Pepperoni here. Pepperoni is normally made from beef or chicken and it's less salty compared to the authentic Pork Salami that it's not able to complete the authenticity of Italian Pizza. This tomato-based pizza that comes with fresh Mozzarella cheese is definitely too cheesy. Besides, I don't really enjoy the dough because it's quite tasteless and the porous inner has somehow created an "emptiness" while tasting.

We're in a good mood to start our dinner with a Caprese Salad that is a freshly mixed salad that is served together with Mozzarella Cheese, tomato and basil leave that is being topped with Balsamic Vinegar. But, the starter has of course being served as the last! Being extremely disappointed, I still find that the salad is quite special by using a sweet-based sauce while the Mozzarella-Tomato is really good.

It's definitely not the best Italian restaurant Penang but the price is surely more expensive here. Neither of us can give ourselves the motivation or reason to visit this restaurant again.

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