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Saturday, 11 May 2013

James Foo is Selling Western Food

James Foo & Family Western Food is seen at Fettes Park and it has gained the popularity among the Penangites with its reasonable price and delicious food. This is definitely a well-known place for families or friends to gather during dinner time and especially over the weekend. We've decided to go to the branch that is located at All Seasons Place by Bandar Baru Air Itam.

One drink that I wish to recommend here is the Roselle Juice. I don't really fancy over the reddish drink but the Roselle flower is really delicious. It's sort of having the mixture between sweetness and sourness that it tastes very refreshing while at the same time, the flower itself is crunchy.

We've decided to share the Hainanese Style Spring Roll as our starter. The golden brownish spring roll comes together with a dark sauce that is garnished with chopped onion and Cili Padi. It's crispy and the ingredients are really compact and fully stuffed inside the spring roll. The nice aroma of the onion and the spiciness of the Cili Padi go well with the salty ingredients. I'm just a little surprised that the spring roll is made of minced pork, onion, carrot and cabbage whereby I don't see a sign of turnip. It's delicious except that the skin is a little too thick that it's slightly hard and chewy.

Moving to the main course, I've ordered the M2 Grilled Chicken 'n' Pork Combo while Su, Elaine and Phui Yee have taken the L2 Grilled (NZ) Lamb Chop, C10 Holland Chicken and P1 Pork Chop respectively. My plate of chicken and pork meat has been grilled to a slight "hardness" that the meat is compact yet it's still maintaining the juiciness. I like the salty brown sauce as it's completing the meat that has been grilled plainly. They're not really good in Fries whereby they're soft by the time I receive my plate. I've not tasted the meals from the girls' plate but they do really look good.
(Top to Down: L2 Grilled (NZ) Lamb Chop, C10 Holland Chicken and P1 Pork Chop)

The food is quite delicious and it's not expensive comparing to its portion. James Foo is serving a wide variety of Western Food that ranges from chicken, pork, lamb, beef to seafood and spaghetti. No wonder that it's always full with crowd!

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