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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Curry Puff On the Move

While we're having our breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe, an old uncle is coming with this bicycle and then starting to sell the curry puff there. He has a good business as the customer tend to buy a curry puff to fill the hungry stomach while queueing for the tables. The girls insist that I try out this special curry puff.

The curry puff costs me RM 1.20 each. I've to admit that it's special whereby it's topped with the reddish pickled onion with Cili Padi. The puff that is filled with curry potatoes tastes normal only but the onion has definitely enhanced the deliciousness by adding a refreshing taste to the crispy curry puff. I'm indeed impressed by this idea whereby the freshness of the onion has reduced the filling of the potato.

I've decided to name this article as per the suggestion from the girls. I've not expected to bump into another food blog on that day. The modal is less but the uncle is definitely creative to think about this special idea for the delicious curry puff.

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