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Monday, 27 May 2013

Breakfast at Paris Croissant Kitchen

Phui Yee misses the Paris Croissant and here we've decided to have our breakfast at Incheon International Airport. It's not only a restaurant that is serving cooked meal but also a small bakery that you can purchase breads, pastries or cakes here. I'm not allowed to take photographs here, being warned in a harsh voice by the cashier.

What should I have for my breakfast? Just following Phui Yee's choice, we've taken the French Toast & Scrambled Egg Brunch that costs 11,000 each. Other than the French Toast or the bread that is coated with egg and being fried that is then garnished with honey and the scrambled egg, the plate comes together with a grilled sausage and a cup of coffee or milk. The toast is decorated nicely with the blueberry and icing sugar whereby I like especially the sour cream that tastes refreshing and it matches the sweetness of the honey completely. The pork sausage does not look only beautiful but it's also tasty with its saltiness and tenderness.

Additionally, we've decided to share a plain Croissant. This is a specialized pastry by French and they're apparently not doing it so excellent here. The Croissant is crispy at outside but the inner dough is not as soft and as tasty as the one that I've tasted in Koh Samui. It's not cheap by costing at ₩2,200 each.

I'm satisfied with my 1st breakfast here. It's not a Korean meal yet it's something that I'm not getting it in M'sia. It's just a little shocking for me to learn about the pricing of food in Korea.

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