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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tok Tok

Isn't the restaurant sound cool? Thanks to Chan for treating us to the Tok Tok Cuisine that is located at Bangunan Lip Sin. Mr. Ong is highly recommending their delicious Thai food. This is our 1st visit here and we're impressed by the design of this small restaurant. The bicycles, the rattan or wooden furniture and the pictures in the wooden frames, they're bringing a lot of nostalgic childhood memories.

The friendly waitress has recommended the Thai Style Lam-Bui or PAT-KA-PAO-MÚ and the Auntie Wee Na's Sar Hor Fun (Dry). The PAT-KA-PAO-MÚ is the fried minced pork with basil leaf, Cili Padi, onion and long bean in dark soy sauce that is then being served with white rice and a fried egg. I like the nice and strong aroma of the basil and together with the juiciness of the pork meat, this is definitely an appetising dish to go with the white rice. On the other hand, the Sar Hor Fun is as well a delicious dish that is not to be missed. The dish is named upon the chef whom is preparing this dish. The saltiness of the light soy sauce with the sweetness of the dark soy sauce are both being enhanced by the sufficient heat that is used to fry the flat rice noodle. It seems to be slightly burnt that the taste is really appealing. I've to give a "Thumb-Up" to Aunt Wee Na.

Besides, we've decided to share the Siam Laksa that is available only on Tuesday and Wednesday. I find the soup to be too plain and watery that it's only creamy due to the coconut milk. LP and I have decided to D.I.Y by putting in some Cili Padi and guess what? This is the taste, the spiciness! Besides, Meow is in the appetite for a Tomyam Fried Rice after her sickness. None of us like the fried rice as it's tasteless. The rice looks great with its "reddish" color but it tastes sweet instead of Tomyam paste that we're knowing of.

I'm fascinated by the decorations inside Tok Tok and I'm definitely amazed by the food here. They're not only serving delicious food but as well providing a cozy ambient that I'm pleased to spend my time here. I'll definitely visit this restaurant again and I want to try the dessert here.

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  1. Thanks for coming and we are glad you love the place!:)