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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Toast + Kaya at Toh Soon Cafe

A small and old corner to the left side after entering the Lebuh Campbell新街, this is the location of Toh Soon Cafe多春茶座 that is famous for Roti Bakar or the Toasted Bread. You can notice the small coffee shop by observing the crowd that is waiting for tables. The owner is conducting the daily business along the narrow street. According to the girls, the cafe is opened from as early as 6am till 12pm afternoon only.

We've to wait patiently till the aunt or the waitress is entertaining us, regardless the seconds or minutes that we've to wait because we're definitely not allowed to question or to chase and no nagging. We've started with the "BT" Nasi Lemak that means anchovies and egg. I like the Sambal sauce as it's quite spicy and I love especially that the rice is poured with a lot of sauce. Anyway, the anchovies are too soft and chewy that it'll be perfect for me if they're crispy.

We're then served with the famous charcoal-toasted bread that is wiped with Margarine and Kaya. The bread is very soft while it's crispy due to the slight burn at the outer layer. I prefer if the Kaya is thicker that I can enjoy the sweetness of this mixture of coconut milk, sugar and egg. Instead of eating the toast as it is, you can choose to have it with dipping. Su is doing it with the iced black coffee, will you? Phui Yee is dipping the toast into the egg that has been pre-mixed with soy sauce and pepper. This is my 1st time to try the half-boiled egg and I find it quite delicious. It has indeed added an extra flavour or saltiness to the toast. Anyway, I'll not do it again as I dislike the sliminess of the egg.

This is a traditional place that has gained its popularity among the Penangites. I admit that the bread here is delicious and it's hard to get a charcoal-toasted bread in Penang nowadays. Anyway, I'm not motivated to queue up in the early morning for my breakfast.

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