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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nasi Ayam or Chicken Rice by the Post Office

Phui Yee has no idea about the name of the stall, the available information to us is we're going to the Nasi Ayam that is beside the Post Office at Batu Maung. The official open hour is at 12pm that we've the only option to go for the Nasi Ayam Biasa instead the alternative of Nasi Goreng Ayam. The business is really good that they have started to pack plenty of Nasi Ayam for takeaway.

The Nasi Ayam Biasa is served with sliced chicken meat that is topped with soya sauce. It looks alike the Chinese style chicken rice but the soy sauce is not so salty that its taste is not so appealing to go with the juicy meat. Anyway, I find that the rice is special that it has a strong aroma of the clove and the star anise. I  do as well like the sweet-based chili sauce that is mixed together with cut Cili Padi and tomato.

Finishing our lunch at almost 12pm, we've decided to try their Pasembur. It's a mixture of sliced vegetable such as cucumber and turnip, bean sprout, fried Tofu, Cucur Tepung or fried cake that is made from the flour and hard-boiled egg that is then being topped with a thick sauce. The sauce is indeed too sweet and it doesn't taste spicy at all whereby it makes the whole mixture to taste a little too filling. However, they're really good at the Cucur Tepung that it's really tasty and very crispy.

I'm not really impressed by the Nasi Ayam here but it's definitely the best Malay Chicken Rice that I've ever tasted so far in Penang.

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