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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Time for Porridge

It's 1st of May and every restaurants are fully packed with the crowds. Brother is suggesting that we should try out the PorridgeTime豐衣粥食 that has just newly opened at 3rd floor in Queensbay Mall. They're selling mainly various types of porridge and being served in clay pots. They're also serving some dishes to go with the porridge and a minimum selections of noodle for the non-porridge lover.

We've shared a few side dishes such as Fried Fish Cake香炸鱼饼, Fried Fu Chok香炸腐竹卷, Pork Stew with "Mui Choy"梅菜扣肉 and Pork Stew with Peanuts花生扣肉. The minced fish meat for both the fish cake and also inside the bean curd roll is very fresh and tasty. I just find the oiliness to be sinful. I myself like the "Mui Choy" dish as it's delicious and the strong taste of soy has definitely made it a perfect match with the white porridge. The Pork Stew with Peanuts is slightly saltier as it's using the fermented bean curd as the base of the sauce. They're both definitely suitable to be coupled with the plain porridge. However, the meat is not as soft as I've thought an it doesn't absorb the sauce completely. Besides, the pork is just too fat!

I've ordered a Claypot Farm Frog "Kung Po" Style瓦煲公保田鸡 to go with my plain porridge. The plenty of chili inside the "Kung Po" sauce has stimulated my appetite for more porridge. The frog meat is very tender and it's apparently not spoilt by the spiciness of the chili. As sharing, we've decided to take as well the Oyster Peanut Porridge蚝鼓花生粥, Shredded Chicken Porridge with Century Egg鸡丝皮蛋粥 and Minced Pork Porridge肉碎粥. Amazingly, each pot of the porridge has its own special taste from the different ingredients! Attila likes his Oyster Peanut Porridge that has a strong taste of the dried oyster. I like the minced pork because the meatballs are juicy. However, I prefer the Chicken Porridge that has a natural sweetness from the meat whereby the Pork Porridge is slightly too strong in the "porky" smell.

We're totally satisfied with the porridge meal here. They're using standard market price and it's really great to enjoy a hot and tasty porridge inside a cool shopping mall.

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