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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Steam Fish at 21 Corner

I've definitely never thought about to eat steam fish at a housing estate and the shop is really famous as it's packed with crowd. Phui Yee has brought us to 21 Corner that is located at Lebuhraya Nipah whereby it's the corner house that is along the street in front of Super Tanker Food Court. What's on the menu for the night?

We've ordered the Steam Fish清蒸鱼 that is served together with their homemade noodle. Additionally, the plate consists of some meatballs, minced pork and golden mushroom. I like the soy-based soup so much as the saltiness is really appetising and it's delicious! Besides, the fish meat and the minced pork are both very tender and juicy. The minced pork meat is slightly tasteless but it's great that it doesn't contain the strong pork's smell. The homemade noodle is succulent that it's just not too soft. If you prefer to add the aroma to the soup, the coriander or the sauteed garlic are both available on the table. This is same to the chopped Cili or the chili flakes, if you wish to add more spiciness into your meal.

Phui Yee has recommended as well the Spinach in Clear Soup. This is a very healthy meal and I indeed like the slight crunchiness of the vegetable. Besides, we've decided to try the Traditional Otak-Otak正宗麻坡乌打. It's made of minced fish that has been marinated with some spices before being grilled to a slight burnt on the pandan leaves. I'm not really fancy over Otak-Otak but it's quite tasty.

I've fell in love with the Steam Fish at 21 Corner. I think that they've made a good dish as I've definitely enjoyed the tastiness of the soup. By the way, an information to share is that they're opened from 630pm till 12am for the Steam Fish while the lunch hour from 8am to 2pm is valid for the Koay Teow Soup.

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