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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Chicken, Bean Sprout, Koitiau = Ipoh's Famous

Jackson has planned to bring us to the Assam Curry for dinner but it's a bad news that they've closed down. So coincidentally that it's opened on the night, we've decided to go to Restoran Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau高溫街芽菜雞沙河粉. Steamed chicken, bean sprout with rice noodle is a famous dish in Ipoh. However, it's not easy to catch the Cowan Street Restaurant as they don't have a fixed day for "rest".

Let's order... we're firstly served with the Bean Sprout芽菜 and Chicken Feet雞腳. We claim that Ipoh's bean sprout is tastier as it's very juicy that I think it's because of the fatty and shorty size. The dish is complete just simply with the soy sauce, pepper and spring onions. The chicken feet are very soft and smooth that the skin can be ripped off easily from the bone and then into my stomach. But, the dish is definitely too salty.

The next dishes are our Koitiau河粉湯 and the Steamed Chicken白雞. The rice noodle is very smooth yet it's very oily and I find that I've too less soup in my bowl. The chicken meat is juicy but it's just too oily. Meantime, I dislike the softness of the meat that it tastes alike not being cooked completely and it has sort of "chicky" smell. I like the aroma and the taste of the soy sauce but it's really too sinful.

By the way, you can order the spare parts雞内臟 as well here. I don't dare to try it, so you've to try it out by yourself if you're fancy over it.

Surprisingly that the saltiness is not making me to feel as thirsty as I've thought of. I may not have made a good comment about all the dishes here but they've definitely better than the Ipoh's Hor Fun that you can find in Penang or elsewhere.

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