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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I Want an Egg Tart

After the morning breakfast while waiting for our next meal, I've eagerly asked for the egg tart蛋撻. It has always been my favourite pastry and I'm really looking forward to try it in Ipoh. This is indeed a tough task for Jackson, "Where should we go for egg tart in Ipoh?". Here we've decided to go to 鴻記餅家 that is located in front of Kedai Kopi Weng Seng. They're not only serving tarts but also cookies and puffs.

Buying a traditional egg tart for trial, I'm so attracted by the shiny and yellowish egg custard. So soft and so smooth, the egg smells very good and it's very tasty! It's just a little disappointment that the edge of the pastry skin is indeed quite thick. However, the base is just nice to match the thick layer of the egg custard. This is not the best egg tart that I've ever tasted but it's definitely one the shop that I'll consider to get my egg tart so far.

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