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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hong Kong Tim Sum at Ming Court

Deciding to go for eating trip in Ipoh, I've finally achieved my target to taste the Hong Kong Tim Sum at Ming Court明閣香港點心. Here we're at 830am in the morning! This restaurant is smaller and older comparing to the Foh San Restaurant that is located just opposite of the road at Jln. Leong Sin Nam. However, its name is definitely ringing louder in everyone's ears!

Picking whatever that they're serving, I definitely don't want to miss the Prawn Dumplings that are called "Har Kao"蝦餃 and "Har Mai"蝦賣. The prawn is fresh that it's crunchy but I prefer the "Har Kao" as it has a nice aroma of the coriander leave. The size for the dumpling is small but it looks very unique. Besides, we've taken various plates such as the Fried Prawn Roll炸蝦卷, Fish Ball魚蛋, Fried Carrot Cake蘿蔔糕,  Chicken Feet鳳爪, Fried Yam Roll with Char Siew芋頭酥, Steamed Pork Ribs蒸排骨, Glutinous Rice Ball with Peanut花生糯米糍 and the Meat Roll in Sweet Sauce that I'm unsure about its name. The Prawn Roll is made mainly with pork whereby it's still hot while serving and the meat is so juicy. The Fish Ball is quite special with the minced vegetable and chili inside the blended fish meat. I dislike the stickiness of the Carrot Cake that I myself prefer if it's fried to the golden brown and crispy skin. The smell and the taste of the herb inside the Chicken Feet is slightly too light. I'm not impressed by the other dishes but the taste is definitely not bad.

Continuing further... We've ordered the Chee Cheong Fun豬腸粉 and the Char Siew Pau叉燒包 while Boon Li has asked for the Black Sesame Paste黑芝麻糊. Thinking to have the steamed rice roll with prawn, the Chee Cheong Fun comes with the minced pork instead. However, the meat is very tender and together with the rice roll, it goes well with the salty soy sauce. Exceptionally, I don't like the chili that is made with the dried shrimps. We're further surprised by the Pork Bun that is filled with juicy Char Siew ingredient inside the thin bun and the Black Sesame Paste that is so silky smooth.

I'm so satisfied with the morning breakfast at Ming Court. I find that the Tim Sum here is very tasty and its small portion has indeed allowed me to ask for more plates and varieties. As usual, do come here early or you've to queue for your seats then!

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