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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's Try the Tau Fu Fah at Funny Mountain

Let's go for the next meal! One of a must to try in Ipoh is the Soy Milk & Traditional Tau Fu Fah傳統豆腐花豆精水 at Funny Mountain奇峰. We're there at 950am but the owner claims that the business will start only at 1030am and till the stocks last. Moving from a small and old stall to a big and modern shop, I'm really wondering about the deliciousness of the Tau Fu Fah here.
Arriving at 1035am and the crowd has been queueing to buy either a glass of soy milk or a bowl of Tau Fu Fah. Each of us have asked for Tau Fu Fah that costs RM 1.00 per bowl. Wow, the portion is very little! Wondering if we can ask for brown sugar, we're informed that they're serving only white sugar here. It's so soft and the texture is so smooth, the white Tau Fu Fah slips through the throat easily. I find that the white sugar is indeed too sweet and it's slightly too much for my small bowl of Tau Fu Fah.

It's a great idea that you can "Drive-Thru" here. Just come and park your car in front of the shop, the man will deliver the Tau Fu Fah or soy milk into your car and the bowls will be then collected upon finishing.

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