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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Only the Curry Noodles

Crossing over my mind that I've not been to the curry noodle in Butterworth for years. I've asked for the companion from the girls and I wish to show them the Butterworth Curry Noodles House北海咖哩麵之家. It's a big shop now that it can cater for more customers than the small roofed area in front of his own house in old time. They're opened from 5pm to 130am daily except on Sunday.

I've ordered a bowl of Curry Rice Noodle咖哩粿條. It's basically being topped with Bean curd豆腐卜, Cockle蛤, Pig Blood豬血 and Long Bean菜豆. The noodles are of course not enough to fill our appetites that we've ordered the side dishes such as Curry Squid烏賊, Curry Wild boar山豬肉, Mantis Prawn瀨尿蝦, the edible Mollusc that is alike scallop yet with unknown name, Fried Chicken and some meatballs. The reddish colour of the curry soup is really appetising and it has a creamy taste of coconut milk but it's more delicious and it tastes refreshing by adding in the sauce of the curry squid. The curry squid is quite sweet but it's still spicy and this is the reason that it's enhancing the curry's taste of the noodle itself. The squid has absorbed the curry completely but the meat is indeed slightly hard and chewy. I like it but how about you? The wild boar meat is quite hard except those that are with the fatty skin. I've definitely enjoyed my favourite mantis prawn but the scallop-alike Mollusc is indeed tastier because of the sauce that has a nice aroma of the lemongrass and the Limau Kasturi (Kaffir Lime). Lastly, the chicken meat is juicy and I indeed like the saltiness of the marination sauce.

If you're not fancy over the curry soup, you can go for the dried curry 干咖哩 or the clear soup清湯. It's not really cheap to eat curry noodle here as we tend to be attracted by the a wide selection of the side dishes. This is actually an innovative concept by introducing varieties into curry noodle.

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